CloudNet VoIP Hosted PBX


CloudNet Management provides a high quality and very reliable, hosted PBX VoIP phone service, from our own fully redundant networks, in multiple US datacenters.  Our VoIP phone service connects your calls directly with all of the phone service carriers, just as any traditional phone service will, but at a much lower cost than traditional analog service.  All by using your existing network infrastructure and Internet connection.

With our hosted PBX service, there is no phone PBX equipment to purchase, install or maintain. Just plug in your IP phones into your network as you would any computer or printer, and you have all of the same phone features as you would expect, plus many more flexible features that are easy to use.

Our expert-level network engineers and VoIP consultants will help you design and install a reliable and secure network for your business communication needs. These services guarantee perfect call quality, improve security and provide a simplified, easy to manage network for any size business.


CloudNet VoIP Features

  • Nationwide and International local numbers: Choose a new phone number anywhere in the U.S., Canada, Europe and most other Countries
  • Number Porting: Keep your existing phone number by porting it from your current provider
  • Unlimited Calling: Unlimited local and long distance calling in USA, Canada and Puerto Rico
  • Online Dashboard: You can configure and manage your VoIP settings through an easy to use web interface
  • Voicemail with email Delivery: Receive voicemail via email notification with .wav audio file attachment
  • Auto Attendant/IVR: Record a custom greeting to automatically answer and route incoming calls
  • 3-Way Conferencing: Add a second call to an already connected call for conferencing
  • Caller ID: Know who’s calling before you answer to help identify your important calls
  • Caller ID Block: Block your caller ID from being displayed on outbound calls
  • Force Caller ID: Send out the caller ID number that you choose for your business
  • Call Waiting: Be notified when another caller is trying to reach you while on another call
  • Do Not Disturb: Callers will be directed straight to voicemail when you don’t want to take calls
  • Call Hold: Put a call on hold while you answer another call
  • Call Park: Park a call to have the call retrieved by any other phone or extension on the account
  • Intercom / Paging: Use your phone to make announcements to specific phone groups or to all phones
  • Call Transfer: Transfer calls from a single phone number or extension to any other phone or extension
  • Music on Hold: Allows callers on hold to listen to a variety of system generated music or upload your own
  • Call Groups: Incoming calls can be distributed to ring on multiple phone extensions at the same time
  • Call Logs: Provides detailed call records by extension or account
  • Find Me / Follow Me: Calls can be forwarded to multiple numbers that will ring in a designated sequence or at the same time
  • Time of Day Routing: The ability to route calls to other numbers, IVR’s or voicemail, depending on the time of day
  • Mobile App: Use your mobile device to place and return calls from your account phone number and caller ID
  • CNAM Display: Callers see your business name when you call them by insertion into the line information database
  • Directory Assistance Listing: Have you business inserted into the online White Pages listing
  • 911 Service: Register your service to any address for emergency personnel to locate you