EMC Data Protection Advisor authentication bypass vulnerability (Feb 1, 2018)

The EMC Data Protection Advisor is a data protection management software to unify and automate monitoring, analysis and reporting across on-premises and cloud backup and recovery environments.

An authentication bypass vulnerability exists in EMC Data Protection Advisor. The application has integrated several hidden, hardcoded accounts with privileges, with default passwords:

User: Apollo System Test
Pass: [hidden]

User: emc.dpa.agent.logon
Pass: [hidden]

User: emc.dpa.metrics.logon
Pass: [hidden]

Those accounts could be used for logon via REST APIs on the GUI service listened on HTTP port 9002/9004. An attacker could send a normal HTTP requests, with the hidden accounts credentials, gaining potential admin privileges.

To launch such an attack, first encode the credential with base64 in this format: [user]:[pass].

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